Information and tools to protect your emails

That's DMARCPal. That's what we do.

Email can be complicated

We know that.

We too worked many hours setting up our domains so that messages reach the right recipients.

However, sending and receiving isn't the only part of the puzzle.

We want our email system to be secure as well.

The reason is simple: this is crucial for our domain reputation.

That's why we built DMARCPal: to be a tool to help email admins to setup and monitor their email system, using the most modern Internet technologies there are: DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

Wait, D... what?

DMARC is an Internet technology (together with SPF and DKIM) that allows email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc., to determine if a message they've received is legitimate.

Based on a domain DMARC instructions, they can send spoofed emails to users spam/junk folders — or reject them altogether.

On top of that, you get reports to showing how they handled your emails. How cool is that?

There is one caveat, though.

To implement DMARC you need specialized tools.

Those tended to be complex to develop, and/or expensive to have.

Well... not anymore.


DMARCPal is a application we developed to process DMARC reports, and show then them in a nice, browseable, easy to understand UI.

Additionally, we added many tools to help you adopt DMARC.

For example, our Domain Health Check tool can look up DMARC-related DNS records, and spot errors that may be hurting your domain's email deliverability. Domain Health Check will even email you when errors are found.

DMARC is the best tool to protect your domain reputation

DMARCPal makes it easier to implement DMARC. Here's a comprehensive list of features.

Report aggregation

Aggregate your DMARC reports, and allow easy browsing and filtering for a smooth implementation of DMARC.

Charts and statistics

View email activity charts, and pass/fail stats. Geolocation will show from which country your emails are being received.

Email Provider Explorer

Want to see all reports sent by Gmail? Or The Email Provider Explorer is the right tool for that.

DMARC Record Explorer

Browse your DMARC records by provider (Gmail, Yahoo Mail!, etc.), emails received, SPF/DKIM check pass/fail, etc.

DKIM Selector Tool

Keep our DNS zones neat and tidy. The DKIM Selector Tool analyses DKIM selectors seen recently, so you can be confident that removing stale keys form your DNS won't break anything.

Domain Health Check

Check your domain's DMARC, SPF, and DKIM selectors DNS records for errors that may hurt your email deliverability.

Monitoring and alerts

We will monitor you DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records, and email you when we find issues that may affect your domain.

Unlimited domains

You can manage unlimited domains on a single account. Switching between domains is just a click on the mouse (or a screen touch) away.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users. Share management of your domains with as many users as you need.


Many layers of security to protect your data. Payments are processed by Stripe, a BBB A+ global payment processor. We never save or see credit card numbers.

Clean, functional UI

We do not have complex UI, or eye-candy. The goal always was to make DMARCPal simple to use, and that's how we did it. Oh, and it is fast too.


No matter if you access DMARCPal on your desktop, tablet, or cell phone. You'll still have easy access to all features.


We tailored our offer so that you can always find a plan that works best for you.

  • Lite — Ideal for tech-savvy individuals or IT teams that know DMARC, SPF, and DKIM very well, and only need access to email provider reports.

  • Standard — All features from Lite, plus access to a set of tools to help you implement DMARC, and debug DMARC, SPF, and DKIM issues.

  • Premium — A full-featured with all features from Lite and Standard, plus access to more sophisticated tools, such as email alerts about broken DNS records.

Visit our pricing page for more details.

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